About Us

COMCONS Inc. was created in March 1998 and incorporated in June 1999 as a consulting company aimed to provide manufacturers of telecommunication and electrical products with expertise in Eastern European and Central Asian countries required for successful business in these countries.

Following demand from the field in 1999 COMCONS began supply of various telecom and electrical equipment to the region. Over the following years COMCONS logistically supported tens of the different scale projects in the region: from supply of just several pieces of equipment to complete supply of equipment for several over $10M size projects.

Using numerous business contacts with executives of national and private telecoms, corporate and governmental customers and well established partnership base with leading system integrators and distributors in the local telecommunication and IT markets COMCONS provides a wide spectrum of services including:

  • Market analysis;
  • Business development and consulting;
  • Creation of distribution networks in the region;
  • Supply of various telecom and electrical equipment to the region;
  • Logistical backup of any size of a project in the region;
  • Organization of special events and PR activities.

Our goal is to ensure success of our clients in the region.

Depending on your actual needs we can provide not only traditional consulting services but even act as your representative creating an International Distribution Network for your products or services, establishing a new client base, and promoting your products or services through seminars and presentations for specialists, PR activities, etc. We'll also make sure that you don't experience any problems with timely delivery of your products to the countries in the region.


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